Take a journey with SeeQ 4 Care’s post-partum programme!

Mum and dad holding newborn

Are you a young couple staying away from parents and require support after childbirth? 

Concerned about facing issues in coping up with the initial challenges of feeding new born and post-caesarean recovery?

Postpartum is the days and weeks following childbirth. This is a critical phase in the lives of mothers and newborns. While becoming a new parent is indeed a joyful occasion, without proper support, many first hand parents get stressed out and find that they are not able to cope as new parents. Proper management of postnatal is important to ensure both mother’s and baby’s well-being is well taken care of during this period. SeeQ 4 Care’s post-partum programme offers post-partum experts who provides optimum care for the newborn along with providing emotional and physical support to the mother.

How can SeeQ 4 Care help newborns and parents during your postpartum journey?

How can SeeQ 4 Care help newborns and parents with its postpartum programme
  • Address initial challenges of feeding.

    Our postpartum experts will be able to provide 1-on-1 support for breastfeeding at your home and educate mothers on the appropriate method in breastfeeding to avoid any related complications such as breast engorgement or sore nipple.

  • Address initial challenges of post-caesarean recovery.

    For mothers who have given birth vaginally, our postpartum experts will guide you with sitz bath at your home. A sitz bath is a warm, shallow bath for cleansing the perineal area. Meanwhile, our postpartum experts will provide wound care – for vaginal delivery or caesarean section wound – to ensure there is no infection. They will also take care of the baby’s umbilical cord.

  • Provide emotional support after childbirth.

    As a new mother, you will have many questions when making important decisions that affect your baby’s health. Our postpartum experts can address various healthcare matters for newborn and mother who has just given birth – ie. knowledge of baby care, baby cues and sleep habits.

  • Baby and mother bonding

    Communication and play with the newborn will bring you closer and help your baby to learn about the world. Our postpartum experts are ready to guide parents and share some play ideas such as making faces, try talking and singing nursery rhymes etc.

  • Monitor your physical and psychological health.

    Postpartum depression tends to go unnoticed by many new mothers. Our postpartum experts will be able to identify whether a new mother is going through postpartum depression and will be able to address the issue themselves or advise you as to whether you need to seek either an obstetrician’s or psychologist’s help. If left untreated, postpartum depression can last for years and affect your mental health in the longer term.

  • Advise on maternal nutrition and exercise.

    After childbirth, a new mother needs plenty of rest, good nutrition and light exercise to rebuild strength. Our postpartum experts have in depth knowledge in optimal nutrition and exercise after childbirth. During the confinement period, they will advise new mothers on key nutrients needed to get back overall stamina and promote breastfeeding. They will also guide new mothers on kegel exercises which helps to promote perineal healing, regain bladder control, and strengthen pelvic floor muscles.

  • Provide guidance on family planning.

    Family planning helps you to decide whether or not to have children. If you do intend to have children, you would want to decide when to have one or how to space your pregnancy. Our postpartum experts are well equipped to guide you on setting goals for family planning and impart family planning methods, without interfering in the couple’s personal affairs.

SeeQ 4 Care connects our team of post-partum experts, who specialise in providing high-quality care to newborns, mothers and families at the comfort of your home. Our clinically trained postpartum experts are more than nannies to your babies. Our programme allows mummies to take a little time off, while someone trusted takes care of your baby. Given their in-depth medical knowledge on pregnancy and post-natal matters, our post-partum experts have the ability to impart comprehensive knowledge to care for the newborn while they attend to your needs at home.

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