Enjoy reliable high quality post-natal care for mother and newborn at home

Our Aim

It is challenging to bring a new life into the world, but your recovery shouldn’t be.

Apart from conventional postnatal care provided by confinement ladies or confinement centres, SeeQ 4 Care presents you and your newborn with a unique opportunity to enjoy quality and reliable postnatal care provided by clinically trained nurses at the comfort of your home. Our nurses are equipped with professional knowledge to promote optimal health for you and your baby, easing the transition of the whole family with the arrival of the little one.

Why Choose Us

Full support for mother
Provide 1:1 lactation advice & sleeping solution
Qualified nurses provide service at your home
Faster bonding between baby, mother & father
In-depth understanding of each culture's rules and norms
Accompany mother and baby to doctor's appointments
Baby adapts quickly in a familiar surrounding
Programs are tailored to each household

Our certified nurses will also guide your husband to care for your baby and to provide emotional support for you. While it is important to care for the baby, your own recovery and well-being are equally important to us.

Our Services

SeeQ 4 Care postnatal services include:

Breastfeeding Guide
Understanding Baby Cues
Wound Care & Breast Care
Soothing Baby
Laundry for Baby
Nutrition Support
Burping technique
Curated Exercise


14 days

14 days

Minimalist Package

This package is designed to restore mother’s health and equip parents with basic knowledge to care for the baby. The nurse will provide physical and emotional support for both parents to have an easier transition after the arrival of the baby.

21 days

21 days

Comprehensive Package

This package is designed to promote physical and emotional well-being of the baby and mother. Besides guiding both parents in taking care of the newborn, the nurse will design a personalised exercise programme to help mother restore physical well-being.

28 days

28 days

Holistic Package

This package is designed to assist the mother with full recuperation after childbirth, equip parents with comprehensive knowledge to care for the newborn and empower parents to handle the baby independently.

All packages above include 8 hours of daily services at your residence and are customisable to cater

your household needs.


Understanding the importance of a healthy diet to promote postnatal healing, we partner with Vivi Confinement Food Delivery that specialises in preparing confinement meals for mothers after childbirth. With 5 years of experience under their belt, Vivi Confinement provides a blend of traditional and modern recipes that are customisable according to your preference.

The menu is thoughtfully designed to fulfill different needs during your postnatal recovery:

Week 1

Promote wound recovery and cleansing discharge

Week 2

Promote milk supply and “wind” elimination

Week 3 & 4

Restore increase physical strength and anti-aging

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