Medical Procedures

Reduce unnecessary visits to the hospital and get medical procedures done at the comfort of your home.

Quality is of highest priority while carrying out medical procedures. Our certified nurses are capable of delivering utmost quality and professional care for their patients.

Complex Wound Dressing

Intravenous Drip/Injection

Tracheostomy Care

Stoma Management

Urinary Catheter Insertion

Terms & Conditions
Terms & Conditions

Rehabilitation Services


We have partnered with Apple Physio+Rehab Centre, a well known specialist in spine and joints, sports injury, and musculoskeletal injury. Their elite team of physiotherapists are registered members of the Malaysian Physiotherapy Association (MPA). They deliver professional, advanced hands-on skills and utilise a wide range of rehabilitation services to provide comprehensive care to the community. Apple Physio+Rehab Centre regularly works with experts to ensure best management of our patients’ recovery.

Spine and Joints

Sports Injury

Musculoskeletal injury

Speech Therapy

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