Our Story


When our founder, Chinthamani, discovered a close friend’s plight in taking care of an uncle who suffered from stroke, it struck her how the lives of family members were disrupted just because they did not know how and where to get help.


Chinthamani’s curiosity was sparked: How can we connect the nurses and caregivers with people in need of help for their loved ones at home?


Hearing more similar stories and recognising the gaps between professional assistance and people in need, SeeQ 4 Care was born.


Powered by Seek a Carer, a homegrown Malaysian company that seeks to revolutionise the way we approach caregiving for loved ones at home, SeeQ 4 Care provides a simple platform for everyone to book a nurse or caregiver anytime, anywhere from any mobile device.



It is our mission to help all those who are short on time – busy professionals or parents with big responsibilities – to care for your loved ones so that they can recover at the comfort of home and surrounded by beloved family.


We are also dedicated to uplift the standard of living of many Malaysian caregivers and nurses by providing them with job opportunities that are flexible and transparent with the help of technology platform.

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