The most convenient way to hire a nurse and caregiver at home

On-demand reliable nursing, caregiving, physiotherapy and speech therapy services at your fingertips

Looking for more than just a job?

Seek your future with SeeQ 4 Care!

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How we support you and your loved one


Comfort of home

We enable patients to receive care at the comfort of their own home and being surrounded by loved ones, which will positively impact their quality of life and the recovery process.

Maintain your lifestyle​

Seeq 4 Care’s mobile platform enables you to keep in touch with dedicated nurse or caregiver wherever you are, allowing you to care for your loved one without compromising your career, lifestyle and social circle.


Our nurses and caregivers keep the patients company at home and motivate them to take part in daily life, thus preventing homebound patients from loneliness and falling into depression.


Our Services


  • Nursing Care Service
    Our certified nurses will bring the hospital to your doorstep.
  • Caregiving Service
    Our well-trained caregivers will provide all types of in-home caregiving services.
  • Medical Procedures
    Our certified nurses will perform medical procedures at your home.
  • Rehabilitation Services
    We provide in-home rehabilitation services performed by qualified physio and speech therapists

We currently serve all areas in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

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